Monday, April 1, 2013

My Sunshine

The Woman behind the camera! 

This is my lovely twin sister: Nicole! This darling lady is always putting up with my bullcrap and taking my photos so I decided its time to do a shout out. She wears basically all my clothes but yet still has a different and unique style that is all her own! I do help her out a lot with the finishing touches (like accessorizing) but she can put a good outfit together and look damn good in it! I love my sister and thought that all of you guys should see the beautiful person that is such a big part of my life! I took these amazing photos of her on Easter   before our Easter egg hunt where she took off the heels ;) 

Dress: H&M (Winter 2012) $30
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (Spring 2013) $13 [Aztec Warrior]
Ring: Styles For Less (Summer 2012) $8  [Casual Fall]
Shoes: Francescas (Spring 2013) $38
Bracelet: Family Gift 


Total: $89