Shopping rules

I believe that anyone and everyone can be stylish! Doesn't matter what the budget is, if a person can look at an item at a store and can come up with at least two outfits with the clothes they already have then its a good buy. Its all about being a smart shopper.

 Most of the time, when I go to the mall I have a budget of $150 max and its only that high because sometimes I get what I like to call "Gotta have it" which means doesn't matter how much it is I NEED to have it. It's silly I know but it happens to everyone so that's why if I plan for it, it wont hurt my bank account so much.  

Generally when I go shopping I wont spend more than $20 on a shirt and $30 on pants. When it comes to jewelry I'm real cheap like I wont spend over $8 on jewelry. I used to be real cheap with shoes too but my feet hurt too much for me to be cheap now, $40 is usually my max for shoes.

Always eat something before shopping and if you can't, then bring a snack. Nothing hurts me more then spending $12 dollars on lunch instead of a super cute shirt. If I'm spending money on clothes then I can afford to save some money by eating at home. Besides I am always in a better mood once I'm fed.