Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blue Steal

Love this outfit! I feel like a modern day 1950's poodle skirt girl with a edgy kick to her! The one staple in my wardrobe would have to be the high waisted bottoms, what can I say? I like my waist like I like my heels, the higher the better! 

So I know that Hello Kitty is for 9 year olds but I think Kitty looks so cute with this outfit! (I call her Kitty so I don't feel like a 9 year old)  In reality this outfit would be cute with any graphic tee   because of the flirty skater skirt. Since I couldn't find anything retro enough in my jewelry collection I decided to go bold with colors to complete the look. Its very easy to do, all I did was put on red lipstick and  my edgy electric blue jacket and called it a day!  I put nude shoes with it because anything else would be too much for my taste with the red and blue. 

All and all this is a very easy, super cute look that is ready for any day event if you throw on a hat like I show or spice it up with the jacket for night time with killer black heels. 

Shoes: Target (March 2013) $25
Skirt: G by Guess (June 2013) $30
Shirt: G by Guess (June 2013) $15 Sale!
Jacket: Hot Topic (Summer 2012) $7 Clearance!

Total: $77