Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aztec Warrior

Okay so I have very big legs and thought I could never pull off a tribal print legging but I saw them at an amazing deal (70% off clearance!!) and decided to try them on and voila! They didn't look bad all, in fact they looked pretty darn cute! Its really all about trying stuff on. I tell most women to just try it on and if you hate it, you hate it! Who cares?! At least if you tried it on you know for a fact it doesn't look good instead of just assuming it wont it. And who knows it might look amazing on you, you will never know unless you try it on! 

That jean vest was really an old jean jacket that didn't fit me anymore so what I did was found some gold studs and put them on the front and on the back of the jacket then cut off the sleeves. After I found that gold tiger iron-on press at Micheal's for 10 bucks and put it on the back of the vest for a finished look. You don't always have to go to Goodwill to find DIY projects sometimes they are right in your own closets! 

Jean vest: DIY $15
Leggings: Pacsun (Feb. 2013) $9
Shoes: Target (Aug. 2012) $35  [Also shown in Western Wear]
Necklace: Charlotterusse (Feb. 2013) $13
Tank: Forever21 (Old) $5

Total: $77