Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer lovin

Happy Monday everyone! I'm off of work and I am using this beautiful day to take more photos for the blog! I've realized that I have been doing more causal outfits lately so today I'm bringing the edgy! Can't wait to show you all my new outfits!! 

This outfit is so causal and so easy and perfect for a day date with your lover! I went out of the box with the color of these shorts but I had to get them cause all of you know how much I LOOOOOVE the high waisted look! I kept it simple with just a white V-neck and a jean jacket to complete the look. As for the accessories, I wanted to go bold with color because its summer and WHY THE HELL NOT!? I love for my accessories to make as much of a statement as my outfit. 

So I debated a long time over my Barbie pink wedges because I thought I would never wear them but they are so darn cute, I had to get them! I can't wait to wear them to the beach or out about with a sundress or even jeans. 

Shorts: G by Guess (April 2013) $35
Shirt: Old Navy (Old) $7
Jacket: Style for less (October 2012) $30
Shoes: G by Guess (April 2013) $50
Ring: G by Guess (April 2013) $5
Earrings: Styles for Less (Summer 2012) $2

Total: $129 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Festival Wear

(^^Word up to all the homies out there)

Sooo I love this outfit because it is so comfortable! This outfit is perfect for the beach, running errands, or an outdoor festival. Thats why I love this dress so much because it is so versatile, if I wanted to look more dressy I would put my hair up and do long earrings with a waist belt and wedges. 

I'm kind of doing this thing now where I only wear two accesories with each outfit because I do put a lot statement pieces together so keeping it simple with the jewelry is not only easier for me (because I'm lazy) but also makes the outfit look less "worked". I like my style to look easy and effortless and in order to do that you must pick your pieces with care. 


In fact I try not to match but try to complement. It is much easier then going into a store and not picking something that is cute and would make your outfit adorable just because "Its not the exact shade of blue!"
I see it too many times at work and really no one is going to notice that the shades are slightly off because the  eye will trick the mind into thinking it is the same shade until it is pointed out. Don't stress yourself out because you will only end up with a headache and two different shades of blue. 

If you complement the colors then your life and style will because less stressful. For example, my fedora does not match my dress but the style compliments the outfit and gives it the extra easy feel that I wanted with this look. 

Hat: Styles For Less (Summer 2012) $10 (Similar here)
Dress: Forever 21 (Summer 2011) $20 
Shoes: Wet Seal (Fall 2011) $15
Vest: DIY $15 
( As seen in Aztec Warrior )
Necklace: Modcloth (Old) $12
Bracelet: Francesca's (Summer 2011) $15 
(As seen in Western Wear)

Total: $87

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ketchup and Mustard

Today was a yucky rainy day and I thought it was suppose to be summer! Instead, this whole week is cold, wet, and just flat out icky!  So I wanted to be bright and comfy with my high waisted shorts and pop of color  of the red and yellow. I know it looks like ketchup and mustard or Mcdonalds but I think it's kind of cute. 

I'm almost done with school and this week is finals so I promise I'll do more blog posts after this week is done and I'm trying to decorate my room so I'm gonna do some DIY projects too!  

BTW I tried to smile more in this post cause everyone keeps making fun of my "look" so enjoy!

Hat: Walmart (Winter 2012) $10
Bag: Rich Hippie (Feb. 2013) $68
Shirt: Rich Hippie (Feb. 2013) $30
Shorts: G by Guess (March 2013) $20
Belt: Styles for less (Summer 2012) $3
Shoes: Traffic (Feb 2013) $11

Total: $142

Monday, April 15, 2013

Springtime flowers

This is my beautiful family! 
This was the other outfit of choice in the vote. I love this dress because I feel like a 50s house wife but way sexier! With this outfit I wanted to keep it really simple since the dress is the statement piece. Sorry it has taken so long to do a post, I have been really busy with work and moving into my new place that my blog has been slacking! 

Dress: Charlotte Russe (March 2013) $13 ON SALE!
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (March 2013) $10 ON SALE!
Sunglasses: Target (March 2013) $12
Necklace: (Old) N/A

Total: $35

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Greek Goddess

Greek Goddess won the vote! I put a picture of this outfit and another outfit on my FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to see which one my viewers wanted to see and this one won but not by much! I really liked this idea so I'm going to do it again, follow me on my social media so you can have a say on my next post!

So I met this really cool guy and we are going to a date to a really nice Turkish restaurant in downtown and I'm going to wear this outfit! I think its sexy yet classy at the same time. It will be our second date so I will just need to remember to relax and let my personality shine though.

This outfit was super easy to create because A.) the dress came with the belt and B.) I love these brown shoes so if I had to wear heels I would wear these! But seriously these shoes are so comfortable, I love them and always try to make outfits around them. So to play up the wrap greek goddess look I used gold accessories and curled my hair to soft curls and VOLA!  Can anybody say Aphrodite? 

Dress: Charlotte Russe (March 2013) $27
Shoes: G by Guess (March 2013) $40 ON SALE!
Watch: G by Guess (March 2013) $60 ON SALE!

Total: $127

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Sunshine

The Woman behind the camera! 

This is my lovely twin sister: Nicole! This darling lady is always putting up with my bullcrap and taking my photos so I decided its time to do a shout out. She wears basically all my clothes but yet still has a different and unique style that is all her own! I do help her out a lot with the finishing touches (like accessorizing) but she can put a good outfit together and look damn good in it! I love my sister and thought that all of you guys should see the beautiful person that is such a big part of my life! I took these amazing photos of her on Easter   before our Easter egg hunt where she took off the heels ;) 

Dress: H&M (Winter 2012) $30
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (Spring 2013) $13 [Aztec Warrior]
Ring: Styles For Less (Summer 2012) $8  [Casual Fall]
Shoes: Francescas (Spring 2013) $38
Bracelet: Family Gift 


Total: $89