Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blue Steal

Love this outfit! I feel like a modern day 1950's poodle skirt girl with a edgy kick to her! The one staple in my wardrobe would have to be the high waisted bottoms, what can I say? I like my waist like I like my heels, the higher the better! 

So I know that Hello Kitty is for 9 year olds but I think Kitty looks so cute with this outfit! (I call her Kitty so I don't feel like a 9 year old)  In reality this outfit would be cute with any graphic tee   because of the flirty skater skirt. Since I couldn't find anything retro enough in my jewelry collection I decided to go bold with colors to complete the look. Its very easy to do, all I did was put on red lipstick and  my edgy electric blue jacket and called it a day!  I put nude shoes with it because anything else would be too much for my taste with the red and blue. 

All and all this is a very easy, super cute look that is ready for any day event if you throw on a hat like I show or spice it up with the jacket for night time with killer black heels. 

Shoes: Target (March 2013) $25
Skirt: G by Guess (June 2013) $30
Shirt: G by Guess (June 2013) $15 Sale!
Jacket: Hot Topic (Summer 2012) $7 Clearance!

Total: $77

Friday, May 31, 2013

Galaxy Girl

I'M BACK! So sorry it took me so long to blog again but I needed a little break to do some soul searching. In my break a realize I need to do more shopping! But really though...I MISSED YOU GUYS! Thanks +Mak Lind for the concern it really made a difference :]

So here is a cute little edgy outfit that I wore to some hipster bars in downtown. I found this shirt at this little shop and fell in loved with it! Love the galaxy print and I think its a little late on the trend but oh well! I have never been one to follow the trends but wear what I want to wear with confidence and grace. 

Top: RichHippie (March 2013) $15
Tights: Ross (Spring 2013) $8
Shoes: Target (Summer 2012) $33 
^^Also seen here Bold Attractions  ^^
Bag: Styles for Less $25
^^ASH Biker Chic and Dark Beauty^^
Necklace: Modcloth (Summer 2010) $9
Bracelet: Forever 21 (Spring 2013) $4

Total: $94

Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer lovin

Happy Monday everyone! I'm off of work and I am using this beautiful day to take more photos for the blog! I've realized that I have been doing more causal outfits lately so today I'm bringing the edgy! Can't wait to show you all my new outfits!! 

This outfit is so causal and so easy and perfect for a day date with your lover! I went out of the box with the color of these shorts but I had to get them cause all of you know how much I LOOOOOVE the high waisted look! I kept it simple with just a white V-neck and a jean jacket to complete the look. As for the accessories, I wanted to go bold with color because its summer and WHY THE HELL NOT!? I love for my accessories to make as much of a statement as my outfit. 

So I debated a long time over my Barbie pink wedges because I thought I would never wear them but they are so darn cute, I had to get them! I can't wait to wear them to the beach or out about with a sundress or even jeans. 

Shorts: G by Guess (April 2013) $35
Shirt: Old Navy (Old) $7
Jacket: Style for less (October 2012) $30
Shoes: G by Guess (April 2013) $50
Ring: G by Guess (April 2013) $5
Earrings: Styles for Less (Summer 2012) $2

Total: $129