Thursday, April 25, 2013

Festival Wear

(^^Word up to all the homies out there)

Sooo I love this outfit because it is so comfortable! This outfit is perfect for the beach, running errands, or an outdoor festival. Thats why I love this dress so much because it is so versatile, if I wanted to look more dressy I would put my hair up and do long earrings with a waist belt and wedges. 

I'm kind of doing this thing now where I only wear two accesories with each outfit because I do put a lot statement pieces together so keeping it simple with the jewelry is not only easier for me (because I'm lazy) but also makes the outfit look less "worked". I like my style to look easy and effortless and in order to do that you must pick your pieces with care. 


In fact I try not to match but try to complement. It is much easier then going into a store and not picking something that is cute and would make your outfit adorable just because "Its not the exact shade of blue!"
I see it too many times at work and really no one is going to notice that the shades are slightly off because the  eye will trick the mind into thinking it is the same shade until it is pointed out. Don't stress yourself out because you will only end up with a headache and two different shades of blue. 

If you complement the colors then your life and style will because less stressful. For example, my fedora does not match my dress but the style compliments the outfit and gives it the extra easy feel that I wanted with this look. 

Hat: Styles For Less (Summer 2012) $10 (Similar here)
Dress: Forever 21 (Summer 2011) $20 
Shoes: Wet Seal (Fall 2011) $15
Vest: DIY $15 
( As seen in Aztec Warrior )
Necklace: Modcloth (Old) $12
Bracelet: Francesca's (Summer 2011) $15 
(As seen in Western Wear)

Total: $87