Monday, November 26, 2012

Leggings for pants?

Yes! Leggings for pants, but only if done right! Tis the season to cover up and stay warm but a woman can always be sexy by showing off her curves! A great way to do that is to wear leggings that are thick so you still get the warmth but your booty still looks good. A few quick and easy rules to follow when wearing leggings as pants:

1. Top must cover our downstairs 
(spandex + friction = not a pretty sight) 
2. Make sure they are NOT see-through!
 (No one wants to buy the ice cream if you are giving out free popsicles) 
3. Make sure they fit!
(Nothing worst than that shimmy after standing in front of a cute guy)
4. Wear the proper panties
(You want people to be amazed by your sexy legs not your snoopy underwear)

 Remember there is always a right way and wrong way to do wear something so if you follow these rules when wearing leggings then you will look slimmer and stylish! Now to the fun part!

Shirt: (Summer 2012) Goddess Boutique; $35
Earrings: (Winter 2012) Guess; $10 (came in a pack of three!)
Bracelet: (Fall 2012) Forever 21; $5
Belt: (Fall 2012) Styles For Less; $5 (Clearance!) 
Leggings: (Winter 2012) Ross; $6
Boots: (Winter 2012) Target; $40
Necklace: (Winter 2011) Wet Seal; $1 (Black Friday deal!)

Total: $ 102