Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday in the Park

I love Lake Eola in downtown Orlando so when I was there this Sunday with some friends I wanted something stylish yet light and comfortable. Mint is the new hot color this year and it seems like no one wants to let it go! I've been seeing lots of candy colored items in fall so I decided that I wanted to try it out! I paired this bright mint top with white pants because I love white and mint together and just accessorized with my fall pieces such as my all time fav riding boots! To make this look a little more fall I added my light neutral blazer and a printed scarf. It's very easy to save money and be stylish by reusing past seasons. Who has the kind of money to buy a new wardrobe every season? Not this girl that's for sure.  

Scarf: (Fall 2012) Styles, $11
Shirt: (Summer 2012) Styles, $17
Pants: (Winter 2011) Wet Seal, $22
Boots: (Winter 2011) Charlotte Ruse, $20
Earrings: (Winter 2012) Charlotte Ruse, $5
Purse: (Summer 2012) Aldo, Family gift

Total: $75