Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wild wild hipster

Went to an amazing concert tonight by Regina Spektor at the House of Blues. The venue is pretty casual so I made this quirky fun outfit to fit in with all the rest of the hipsters there. I put these very adaptable forest green high waisted pants (That I just adore!) with a sleeveless jean shirt and a yellow mustard cardigan  to get my fall colors in. I needed really comfortable shoes because I knew I would be standing the whole time so I pick my moccasins and pick my accessories accordingly. I had a blast tonight and I fit right in with all the rest of those adorable and very stylish hipster kids. :] 

Cardigan: (Summer 2012) Rainbow $13
Jean Shirt: (Summer 2012) Wet seal $20
Belt: (Spring 2012) Goodwill $1
Pants: (Summer 2012) H&M $13
Shoes: (Fall 2012) Minnetonka $28
Bag: (Spring 2012) Styles for Less $5 Clearance! 
Necklace: (As seen in previous blog post Western Wear ) Pacsun $12 
Bracelet: (Summer 2011) Gift from Ecuador  

Total: $92