Thursday, November 8, 2012

Western Wear

Just a good "running errands" outfit. The cowgirl boots are an easy and comfortable ready to wear shoe that gives any outfit that wild wild west look thats very in this Fall season (2012). This outfit is paired with basics and statement pieces that really give that western fall look that everybody craves. Below is the prices and places where I bought all these items:  

Necklace: Pacsun (Fall 2010) $12
Belt: JCPenny's (Winter 2011) $7
Shirt: Styles for Less (Summer 2012) $19
Corduroy pants: Styles for Less (Fall 2012) $22
Cowgirl boots: Target (Fall 2012) $33
Bag: Styles for Less (Summer 2012) $5 Clearance!
Bracelet: Francesca's (Summer 2011)  $15

                                      Total cost:  $113