Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colonel Mustard

Colonel Mustard, in the yard with ridiculous good style? Maybe not but I must admit, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COLOR! This mustard yellow is so fall and I have to say that fall is my favorite season and I am sad to see it go so soon! Sometimes when I'm running late for school I just like to throw a bunch of basics together and "Make it work!" like Tim Gunn says to make a statement. (If you haven't notice I'm all about the statement pieces) I took the colors that I needed for my outfit from the colors of the feathers on the hat and layered pieces together that followed that color scheme. Mixing prints within a color scheme is also a great way to give an outfit depth because it makes the outfit more appealing to the eye. 

Hat: American Eagle (Winter 2013) $8
Sweater: Rainbow (Winter 2012) $14
V-Neck: Styles for Less (Fall 2012)  $8
Tank Top: Styles for Less (Fall 2011) $6
Necklace: Forever 21 (Old) $5
Jeans: Styles for Less (Spring 2012) $20
Shoes: Express (Fall 2010) $15 
Sunglasses: Styles for Less (Winter 2013) $6 
Bag: Aldo (Summer 2012) $35

Total: $117

(Only so high because of the staple pieces, once those are already in your wardrobe then the cost for an outfit automatically drops.)